Portfolio overview November 2016 (#12)


It was quite difficult October. Especially in my crypto world. Let’s look per asset class.

Investments in Euro (fiat currencies)


Bondora. No big changes. I continue to withdraw till my portfolio will become 2-3kEuros. I am doing some buy/sell on secondary market, but API works hard, competition is big. I do not invest on primary market. Over 70% of my loans are problematic. That is not necessary very bad, as quite many defaulted are purchased on big discount.  Bondora show my return about 28% and over 30% for safe portfolio.

I do not like to advertise Bondora, but if you like to be mainly passive investor and happy with 8-12% return and if you you like to try Bondora and support my blog, please join Bondora using this link: https://www.bondora.com/ref/Andrej

Omaraha. All is very ok. Still – no work needed.

TWINO. My kids invested this year ‘pocket money’  at TWINO. Twino is telling my return is 7,4%, but I think it is so low just because it is just a first month. In 2-3 month return should come to normal 12-13%.

Investments in BTC and crypto currencies


125x125_staticBTCPOP. Nothing very bad, but also nothing very good 🙂 All is stable. I start thinking that BTCPOP becoming  interesting place to invest on their share market. Also, you can buy some shares and use them as collateral to get new loan cheaper. Very useful post about their market is there: https://thebitreview.com/

If you like to try BTCPOP and support my blog, please join platform using this link or pressing on their banner right to this text. Thank you in advance!

Loanbase. No big movements, some small loans are repaid, but still most of my money are in few big overdue loans

BTCJAM. No big changes. In general it is normal.


Increased price of BTC made big kick to my altcoin trading. As you see my result went down. But, I know that this is temporary, and after BTC stop growing or price crash, altcoins will go up. Even today (after 5 day in November) I see that my result on Bittrex is becoming positive.

I am happy that I tried Margin Trading with only 1.5BTC. And at the same time I m sad that I put so much of money into it. I think I will lose ~50% of these money. After few experimental deals I understood some mechanic of this trading, but will close my experiment as soon, as will be able to exit with minimal loses. If anybody like to try margin trading, do not try with more than 0,2-0,4BTC in first 2 month!

Consolidated return from crypto projects


I feel bad, as I continue to writeoff several defaulted private loans. This lower my overall result a lot. If 2015 was a year when I lost a lot in scam mining sites, 2016 looks to be a year when I am getting big disappointment from people whom I was counting as reliable or even was counting as friends. Still, I am 99% sure that they are good people and I  hope still that they  will recover.

Thank you for reading. Wish you a nice November!


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