Compare projects: Return monitoring

I would like to share my methods for measuring return from different investments. Previous post on the same topic was oriented on p2p lending. Today I like to simplyfy explanation using examples from crypto.

Disclaimer: that is not an investment advise. All mentioned numbers are used only for an illustration. Do your own research and never invest into new initiatives more than you can afford to lose.

Lets start from something simple. Staking  and masternodes are new hot topic. Last month I got interests in 4 new projects. I have tried to evaluate Team, Community, Plans, Idea, Initial setup, Price movements, hidden rumours and players. When I do full analysis, I wish to understand profitability of possible investment, too.

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Portfolio overview October 2017 (#17)

After longer break I decided to post short update about my investments.


Investments in Euro (fiat currencies)

17 09 fiat

Bondora.  My return at Bondora stay quite stable. That is below my planned 15% return, but it is quite stable now. I am not lowering portfolio, but possible I will add more into Bondora if I will have some free euros.  There are 3 reasons First, Bondora claim they become profitable. Second, I know that in case of urgent need I will be able to withdraw from Bondora 5-10% of my portfolio withing 2-3 days without selling loans in minus. Third, my work at Bondora is quite automated now and profitability quite stable.

I do not like to advertise Bondora, but if you like to be mainly passive investor and happy with 8-12% return and if you you like to try Bondora and support my blog, please join Bondora using this link:

Omaraha. All is very ok. Still – no work needed. Again my return went a bit up.  Regulator have introduced maximum interest rate in Estonia. If you invest on Omaraha, you need to check your investment terms and make maximum interest as 35%

TWINO. My return went down to 11,7%. I do not withdraw money, but I will definitely not add any  new when only such return is available with guaranteed loans.

Investments in BTC and crypto currencies

I do not place any table there. BTCJAM and Loanbase are in closing phase, my return on BTCPOP is below zero. Overall BTCPOP is  fine, but I have invested too much using feelings, not using brains.   125x125_static

If you like to try BTCPOP and support my blog, please join platform using this link or pressing on their banner right to this text. Thank you in advance! Sure if you join using my link, I will be happy to help you with funding and advise


Again, do not like to post any tables, but altcoin trading is positive. I was quite passive during the summer.

Consolidated return from crypto projects

Consolidated return in BTC is still negative (but is better than in May), risk weighted return in Euro is positive and XIRR is over 20% before taxes.

Wish you all nice investments, please, stay careful  and have a sucessfull end of 2017!


Portfolio overview May 2017 (#16)

Hello, dear Followers!

Two month break in my posts. I will be honest,  at the end of February I have been in very bad and pessimistic mood. I was calculating results, counting what I have lost,  counting how much I was scammed in 2016 and before.  I was counting and was thinking to stop all that or wait and continue. At the same time I have seen happy faces of many scammers in Facebook, their chatting and trolling. Then it was moving into even a bigger depression. I know, that some of them are “good guys and girls” who once have got “bad time” or “bad luck”. Unfortunately, after month or few, some of them start to recover, but “forgetting” about their debts. Many of scamers are brave now, some are openly telling me “try to collect”, many spending good time with families and friends. They try to forget that not every scammed investor is “rich and fat”. Many of us have own families and kids, some  investors are young people trying to get some passive income from small money they have, many  investors leaves in quite poor countries where every 0.001BTC is a big money. Sad. Continue reading Portfolio overview May 2017 (#16)


Portfolio overview February 2017 (#15)


There was nothing very special at the beginning of February, but I found time to summarize review about my portfolio only now.

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Portfolio overview January 2017 (#14)

Hello, dear Readers!

Wish you successful and happy 2017 year!

I was busy at the end of year, but found time to make screenshot of my portfolio. Bellow you can see my overview.
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Look on defaults in my main BTCJAM portfolio. Oct 2016

Two month ago I did first look on defaults in my BTCJAM portfolio (BTCJAM: Very short about bad loans in my portfolio. Aug2016 . ). I made a promise  to look more precisely what are biggest problems. Now I put small infrastructure to collect history of loan and did few very first graphs.

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