Portfolio overview 2018 Dec #18

I got only few reactions to my posts, got some concerns about personal information and therefore  I was quite silent during  whole 2018 year. Today I like to share status of my investments.

Investments in Euro (fiat currencies)

I got reminder to update my blog from several members of Bondora Fellows group on Facebook. So, I will start with fiat p2p lending.

Bondora.  As you see my risk adjusted return at Bondora is stable in range 13-14%.  That is risk weighted result after removing part of overdue loans and 70% of defaulted. I have not big portfolio and therefore I work only with secondary market and only via own API.  During last year I decreased my portfolio at Bondora. Main reasons – I used money to compensate bear season in crypto. Another minor  reason, I don’t like to have too big investments in p2p when economy is growing almost 10 past year and some bad period may come.

What is my opinion after one more year with Bondora. I think company profitable in competitive environment and that is good. Company very well know risks and customers. Much better than 3-5y ago. From another side, I think, that few years ago some good customers had lower rating (there was some conservative reserve). Now borrowers are getting rating without any reserves. So in case of bad market conditions, some good customers will immediately go default. By the way, could be that the best rated borrowers will lose job first and some low paid will continue to work as now.

I am still not much happy how Bondora implements changes. In my opinion way how investors are pressed to switch to Go&Grow is not ethical and not fair. There is no more marketing promoting of 18% or 12% return. Not because Bondora cancelled it, just because it is impossible to show such return even with “creative” use of data.

Summarizing, if investor happy to get 6-10% return, in my opinion, he can invest 5-20% of portfolio into Bondora. If investor worries about defaults, he can use G&G program. If investor is experienced to analize data and build bots, then probably 10-17% return is possible for portfolio below 50-100kEur. (Analize data is more than just filtering and simple slice&dicing in excel).

I do not like to advertise Bondora, but if you like to be mainly passive investor and happy with 6-10% return and if you you like to try Bondora and support my blog, please join Bondora using this link: https://www.bondora.com/ref/Andrej

Omaraha. I login to Omaraha once per month to take data for review. Still – no work is required to manage portfolio. Return is not bad, but amount of loans with bigger interest decreased. I lowered my portfolio by some 10-15%, but do not plan to lower more. Company is not aggressively growing, that is a bit holding me from investing more.  Omaraha may be target for some bigger player to buy business and market. Looks Omaraha guys got a lot of experience to use in bigger scale organization. Patience, professional, clever. But still small.

TWINO. After reading some bad rumours last year, I left only very small amount of money at Twino. Return is about 10-11%, but that is less than my return on Bondora. I spend quite little time with Twino, so do not feel competent to provide a correct opinion about Twino now.

Investments in BTC and crypto currencies

I almost cancelled all investments in crypto p2p, mainly because of small amount of good opportunities. Several crypto p2p sites closed operations. BTCPOP have implemented strict verification requirements. I am happy to invest into some good collaterized loans  125x125_staticon BTCPOP, but number of such loans is not so big. So I preffer to hold some coins in sale orders on BTCPOP and at the same time stake it. BTCPOP was probably first exchange who allowed to stake coins that are placed in trade orders or are used as collateral for loan.

If you like to try BTCPOP and support my blog, please join platform using this link or pressing on their banner right to this text. Thank you in advance! Sure if you join using my link, I will be happy to help you with funding and advise

In all investments is important to manage risk and never invest too much. In crypto projects that is especially important. Almost every project may fail. Everybody needs to be careful. But still I believe in future of crypto and there are some interesting opportunities.

For “beginners” I would not recommend to spread too wide. Probably simple buy and hodl of some BTC, ETH, Monero, Litecoin, Dash will be the best and safe way.  All mentioned cons lost significant amount sometimes over 80-90% of it’s price since last top. So could be good time for partial buy and hodl for next few years. More experienced investors may look some other opportunities. Some projects that I recently follow (just opinion, not investment advise):

Kalkulus POS/Masternode coin. XIRR of staking/MN is over 100%. Project team looks very honest and active. Several use-cases are active or in development. Very stable and professional Masternode Hosting platform TheHUB, dAPI, payment gateway etc. Good discord to talk with community/team. Coin was several times selected as coin to watch by 21Cryptos magazine. I think all prices below 600-700 satoshis are good to buy this coin.
Escodex Interesting DEX type crypto exchange. Own utility coin ESCO with POS/MN profitability over 80%. Profit sharing scheme. I do not have final opinion, but, preliminary, I think that all prices below 2200satoshi are good buy
MoonDEX LOL 🙂 probably closed
xGalaxy Binary option platform with several other services. Utility coin with masternode profitability over 200%. Very interesting masternode collateral scheme that does not allow price to go down (at least for several next month). Again, must be careful as project is young, but probably if you get coin below 4000satoshi  that can be good buy
AdultChain I do very little check of platform after they changed team. Very high risk as team is very small, but POS/MN return over 200%
CryptoDezire Interesting project with big community and very profitable staking and MN. Over 200% return, very small amount of coin on market, hard to buy on lower prices. Team is growing and not anonymous.
Above: POS - possibility to buy and store coins in own wallet and get staking rewards when wallet is connected to internet. Masternode - is possibility to "lock" bigger amount of coins and get reward running special software on remote server (usualy Linux based cloud VPS). One more time, don't fall in love with your "bags" and manage risks.


I almost do not trade as we are in very bear market. I will look what to buy when BTC will get own low (probably it can be level of 3000-1200$). Then probably will be good time to make bigger buys. I am still very positive about feature of crypto, but stay with opinion, that if you are not full in that area, then do nto risk with more than 2-10% of your money in this field. And “yes”, if your portfolio is bigger than 10kEur, then probably 1-2% of portfolio should be in crypto 🙂 If not, then check of it is not good time to change something.

I wish you all  – nice investments and a successful 2019!


2 thoughts on “Portfolio overview 2018 Dec #18”

  1. I am pretty pissed about bondora, after 7 years or how long I was barely able to withdraw what I deposited. Others are overdue and can take another 5 years to get even 1-2% profit. I was even pretty yearly to the party and I did not invest in spanish loans. Trying more luck with mintos.

    What is your XIRR on crypto in this bear market?

    1. To be profitable with Bondora requires work or you must be patient using GG or portfolio manager. I had quite a lot of Spanish and even at some time ~10+% of portfolio in Slovakia. Yes that was very bad decision. Currently I almost not separate countries.

      I started with crypto 2014, so if I count in fiat – I am in profit still. But if I look only last year then I am quite profitable in bitcoins, but about -65% in fiat (after last drops this week). For me it is not so good 🙂 but let see at the end of 2019. I think we are close to low and then getting profit in bitcoin, will mean recovering result in fiat too. A bit sad that my crypto portfolio not big and I sold some profit to pay bills

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