Portfolio overview February 2017 (#15)


There was nothing very special at the beginning of February, but I found time to summarize review about my portfolio only now.

Investments in Euro (fiat currencies)


1702 fiatBondora.  No changes. No withdraw this month. Bondora initiated review on Trustpilot. If you like, you can leave your opinion there. It is only middle of February now, but it looks January was very hard Bondoras month. I got quite a lot of new overdue loans. Let’s see how portfolio will perform in next 2 weeks

I do not like to advertise Bondora, but if you like to be mainly passive investor and happy with 8-12% return and if you you like to try Bondora and support my blog, please join Bondora using this link: https://www.bondora.com/ref/Andrej

I see that 5 people signed with my ID (I do not see names), but no one started to invest :)

Omaraha. All is very ok. Still – no work needed.

TWINO. My kids are getting 12,5% (-0,7%) return on their pocket money. It is fine as does not require any work. My portfolio contains short term loans and all with buyback guarantee. What worry me a bit, that last 2 month there is no (or almost zero)  loans with 13+% interest and buyback guarantee. Hope Twino will comment this situation or such loans will come. Not all my money are employed for second month.

Investments in BTC and crypto currencies

1702 btc

125x125_staticBTCPOP. Looks all is better. My payment calendar is much more green.  Just waiting that moment when my result will turn to positive zone. January number of very good borrowers turned to POP. Now it is very simple to invest all money.

I have started new product  – each 3 weeks I list small bond with payment after max 270 days. That bonds give investor minimum 10% return, and I hope, that I will be able to buy back bonds earlier (that will make return higher). Next bond will be listed 27th if February 11am London time. Before that, about 22nd-23rd of February, I plan to list new loan.

If you like to try BTCPOP and support my blog, please join platform using this link or pressing on their banner right to this text. Thank you in advance! Sure if you join using my link, I will be happy to help you with funding and advise

BTCJAM.  No new loans at JAM. Rumours that platform is running some big updates. Hope it will come back to operational stage.

1702 trading

Bitcoin still stay very high priced. That does not allow me to get better result in trading of altcoins. However, it start to be better. Still big bag of DOGE wasting big part of my money.  But I will wait a better day :). Now I feel like author ot that words:


I ain’t happy,
I’m feeling glad
I got altcoins in a bag
They’re useless but not for long
The future is coming on…

Consolidated return from crypto projects

1702 all

Continue to write-off unpaid personal debts.  Huge drop in value of SCRT. Very bad situation with payments on JAM. All that are negative factors. But I start to get better result on POP and from trading. That gives me some optimism.

And, I started to attend FOREX course. At this moment attend real courses and  learning. Start to understand, why people say that BTC is unpredicted and why people say Forex is different. Yes, it is.  Hope to say something about my very first result at the end of February.

Wish you nice month!


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