Fast, cheap, good – where to invest, version 1, part 1

Time to time I hear question where to invest. Once I told that this recommendation depends on several criteria. Let me explain what I had in minds.


In classical triangle “fast-cheap-good” you can select only two of three values. i.e. fast and cheap, but then result may become not so good. When I am getting question “where to invest” I propose you to think about the following 3 components Continue reading Fast, cheap, good – where to invest, version 1, part 1


Andrej Ders

I am small investor in p2p and crypto projects, but that investments takes very significant part of my time during last 12-15 month.

What is interesting for me today?

1. P2P  lending, both in ordinary (‘fiat’) and crypto currencies
2. Trading in crypto currencies (that is very new and very interesting for me)
3. Investment in specific crypto projects (very rare at the moment)

What I like to achieve?

I temporary skip discussions about moral things, personal growth, passive income,  social responsibility, etc. May be this will be covered in one of my next posts. From financial side, I would like to get:

  • 13-25% XIRR (return) from investments in ordinary (‘fiat’) currencies;
  • 30-50% XIRR from investments in crypto during this and next year;
  • 50-70% XIRR from investments in crypto projects during end of 2016 and later.

A bit about myself? 🙂

I was born in early ’70, have some international experience dealing with companies in Baltic states, Scandinavia, UK, USA, CIS. I know a bit about banking compliance, regulation, business intelligence and doing business.

I communicate English, Russian, Polish, so feel free to write to me in any of such languages.