Return from Secureae (NXT)

Some time ago I tested trading with altcoins. I understood that this is not mine. It is specific area that requires concentration, patience and specific knowledge. But since that times, I have two coins where I continue to invest more. That is SCRT (very cheap today, I think fair price will be over 5000SAT) and NXT(again very cheap today).

Most of altcoins are losing in price, when price of BTC skyrockets. You can buy some of them hoping to get good profit when price of BTC will stabilize or will go down. But speculation on price was not the main reason why I still have NXT. With NXT I have possibility to invest into assets (shares) and make money when price of assets grow and when asset holder pay dividends. I do that investments at Secureae platform. Continue reading Return from Secureae (NXT)


Portfolio result: BTCPOP (Nov 2015)

This time I will write in an unusual way. I start with disclosure of my results and only in next posts I will share recommendations and comments about the lending platform.

Why it is so? First, BTCPOP is more than bitcoin based p2p lending platform. BTCPOP has much wider functionality. I need more time to finalize my personal opinion about that extended features. At the same time BTCPOP have number of places that requires a bit more attention or bug fixing. Developers& Owners of the Platform have excellent communication with users, therefore I think many areas will be improved before I will write my next article. Continue reading Portfolio result: BTCPOP (Nov 2015)


Investment in P2P lending: Omaraha

Omaraha (  is relatively small, but efficient p2p investment platform from Estonia. Omaraha operates in Estonia and Slovakia. Investment currency – Euro. Investor must be 21 years of age and be permanent resident in Estonia or in any other European Union country.

Omaraha isn’t huge in number of stuff, but I never had any problems with support, both by email or forum. I have never seen any announcement about Omaraha plans to become “Nr 1” or talks about becoming “pan-European” or “pan-world” investment platform. Instead of that Omaraha provide fast and stable interface to invest and monitor results. Continue reading Investment in P2P lending: Omaraha


Tracking result of investments

Any investment platform can avoid discussion about return on investments.  There are several reasons why it is so.

Bad or not, but different investment platform uses different methods to calculate Return On Investments.  Usually such methods are described and public, but users of every platform are claiming that data provided by platform are incorrect, ‘too optimistic’, ‘do not take into account defaults and overdue’, ‘platform hide some bad data’, etc. It is true to some extend, that platforms are not interested to start their presentations with pessimistic scenarios, therefore users should think themselves how to get real indicator of return. Continue reading Tracking result of investments