Return tracking: Bondora

In previous article (Tracking result of investments) I have described general idea how is possible to calculate and monitor return on investments. Now I  like to show how I do it for p2p lending at Bondora ( Bondora is incredible slow  several last days, that gives me time to write this post.

I took initial idea of measurement from old Bondora forum at very beginning of my investments. At that time forum was quite interactive and even CEO of Bondora was actively participating in discussions. First question when I read about that measurement was “Why? Why do I need that 🙂 Bondora show me my ROI”. But after 16 month of investments I understand that not all is so simple. Continue reading Return tracking: Bondora


How to get bitcoins. Exchanges: Kraken

Are many ways to get Bitcoins. I like to start from what I have tried and what I use.

Today the best working and most common way for me is to buy Bitcoins at exchange. If it is not about purchase of your first bitcoin and not about buy of coins for 5-20$ and not about getting bitcoin within 5 minutes and not about the only one and last purchase,  then I definitely recommend to think about creating your account at exchange. Continue reading How to get bitcoins. Exchanges: Kraken


Tracking result of investments

Any investment platform can avoid discussion about return on investments.  There are several reasons why it is so.

Bad or not, but different investment platform uses different methods to calculate Return On Investments.  Usually such methods are described and public, but users of every platform are claiming that data provided by platform are incorrect, ‘too optimistic’, ‘do not take into account defaults and overdue’, ‘platform hide some bad data’, etc. It is true to some extend, that platforms are not interested to start their presentations with pessimistic scenarios, therefore users should think themselves how to get real indicator of return. Continue reading Tracking result of investments


Andrej Ders

I am small investor in p2p and crypto projects, but that investments takes very significant part of my time during last 12-15 month.

What is interesting for me today?

1. P2P  lending, both in ordinary (‘fiat’) and crypto currencies
2. Trading in crypto currencies (that is very new and very interesting for me)
3. Investment in specific crypto projects (very rare at the moment)

What I like to achieve?

I temporary skip discussions about moral things, personal growth, passive income,  social responsibility, etc. May be this will be covered in one of my next posts. From financial side, I would like to get:

  • 13-25% XIRR (return) from investments in ordinary (‘fiat’) currencies;
  • 30-50% XIRR from investments in crypto during this and next year;
  • 50-70% XIRR from investments in crypto projects during end of 2016 and later.

A bit about myself? 🙂

I was born in early ’70, have some international experience dealing with companies in Baltic states, Scandinavia, UK, USA, CIS. I know a bit about banking compliance, regulation, business intelligence and doing business.

I communicate English, Russian, Polish, so feel free to write to me in any of such languages.


Hello world!

Ah, really, “Hello, World”! WordPress suggested such topic, so I do it 🙂

It is my first post in own blog and my start of something new.

Almost 3 years ago, around February 2013,  I did my first investment in p2p loan, August 2014 I got my first Bitcoin and since March 2015 I try different instruments in Bitcoin related “crypto” world.

It happens so, that  often I am getting quite similar questions, requests for recommendations and sometimes I see something, what I like very much to share with my followers. So, I decided to create blog and share that information there.

I know it is not simple task, to make blog interesting and constantly updated. But I  hope that at least some of my posts will be interesting and useful for you.

Thank you in advance for your reading and comments!