UPDATED: Portfolio Overview: January 2016 (2)

I found mistake in calculation of ROI at BTCJAM. Now corrected. I would like to apologize for my mistake!

Happy, Prosperous and Successful New 2016 Year to all readers of my blog!

New month and time to make new overview of my portfolio. My return: Continue reading UPDATED: Portfolio Overview: January 2016 (2)


Portfolio Overview: December 2015 (1)

I plan to publish regular periodic overview of return on my portfolio.

Counting investments we have good and bad days and we have real and pseudo heroes. I see today as black day and you may note example of “pseudo good” investor. Such guy must be simply removed from your “following” lists 🙂 That’s me  Continue reading Portfolio Overview: December 2015 (1)


Investment in P2P lending: Omaraha

Omaraha (www.omaraha.ee)  is relatively small, but efficient p2p investment platform from Estonia. Omaraha operates in Estonia and Slovakia. Investment currency – Euro. Investor must be 21 years of age and be permanent resident in Estonia or in any other European Union country.

Omaraha isn’t huge in number of stuff, but I never had any problems with support, both by email or forum. I have never seen any announcement about Omaraha plans to become “Nr 1” or talks about becoming “pan-European” or “pan-world” investment platform. Instead of that Omaraha provide fast and stable interface to invest and monitor results. Continue reading Investment in P2P lending: Omaraha