Portfolio overview May 2017 (#16)

Hello, dear Followers!

Two month break in my posts. I will be honest,  at the end of February I have been in very bad and pessimistic mood. I was calculating results, counting what I have lost,  counting how much I was scammed in 2016 and before.  I was counting and was thinking to stop all that or wait and continue. At the same time I have seen happy faces of many scammers in Facebook, their chatting and trolling. Then it was moving into even a bigger depression. I know, that some of them are “good guys and girls” who once have got “bad time” or “bad luck”. Unfortunately, after month or few, some of them start to recover, but “forgetting” about their debts. Many of scamers are brave now, some are openly telling me “try to collect”, many spending good time with families and friends. They try to forget that not every scammed investor is “rich and fat”. Many of us have own families and kids, some  investors are young people trying to get some passive income from small money they have, many  investors leaves in quite poor countries where every 0.001BTC is a big money. Sad.

I know that solution will come, and recovery will come. Maybe one day when bitcoin will cost 10k$ collectors will stay in queue to buy defaulted loans. Could be one day not a scammer himself, but his kids or parents will repay that debt. Just because they will feel sad and shame to see own family name in list of debtors. And could be that oncey scammer will decide to repay, just to stay fair in this life, but possible, that it will be too late.

Oki, enough of lyrics and tears.  Altcoins revolution have happened and give me some power back.

Investments in Euro (fiat currencies)

1705 fiat

Bondora.  Bondora was another reason for my bad mood in February. I measured return and noticed drop to 12% on my “safe” account. 12% is not a level of return I wish to get. I think worse profitability come form less aggressive sales strategy during few month of 2017. I did small correction in my actions and return went a bit up.

What more about Bondora. Now Bondora allows 1Eur investments. I am not sure if they did good analyze before enabling such option. That will make impossible current work with Secondary Market. Thousands of micro loans (think how many pages you will need to read or send via API),  incorrect XIRR calculations for that micro parts, there will be a lot of rounding issues and other mess.  Borrower will pay smaller amount and one investor will get some money another not. Hard to imagine how they will calculate schedules for defaulted loans, long running loans, all collection fees etc. More was discussed in Bondora fellows Facebook group, but there is no reaction from Bondora. Yes, they always know the best what investors needs.

Another issue from their fellowers Facebook group – risk adjusted return coming from Bondoras report. In most  cases there is a negative difference between “Net result” presented by Bondora and used in marketing and “Yield to maturity” that you can get from your data on their website. In my own case difference is about 9%. When I calculate risk adjusted return with own formula, I am getting even bigger gap (about 14%).

This month Bondora made possible to pack investments into portfolio and sell this on secondary market. Half made option, not user friendly and not sure if will make any success. But I got possibility to sell my whole portfolio if anybody is interested.

I do not like to advertise Bondora, but if you like to be mainly passive investor and happy with 8-12% return and if you you like to try Bondora and support my blog, please join Bondora using this link: https://www.bondora.com/ref/Andrej

I see that 5 people signed with my ID (I do not see names), but no one started to invest :)

Omaraha. All is very ok. Still – no work needed. My returnwent a bit up. The only I wish to hav ein future  – possibility to sell my loans.

TWINO. My kids are getting 12,4% (-0,1%) return on their pocket money. It is fine as does not require any work. Portfolio contains short term loans and all with buyback guarantee. Return is still over 12% but there is no (or may be almost no) loans with 13+% return. Could be that Twino was much too fast with advertisement. Also, there are periods, when not all money are in work. But, as I mentioned, return is still in promises range and no need of work to manage portfolio.

Investments in BTC and crypto currencies

1705 btc

125x125_staticBTCPOP. My return at BTCPOP is about zero. Maybe even positive. You say, bad 🙂 Yes and no! That return was -90% half year ago. POP did huge huge step forward in managing risk(could be that I did some actions too), improving verification, attracting good borrowers and providing different possibilities to earn money (i.e. invest into shares). Big part of  of my positive development is coming from increase in price of shares.

BTCPOP have promised to update investor dashboard, then I will be able to say about my return more precisely. Now I can calculate return from loans (probably still a bit negative), shares (positive), but to calculate return from bonds isquite complicated. Therefore I left return as -1%, in reality it may be better.

If you like to try BTCPOP and support my blog, please join platform using this link or pressing on their banner right to this text. Thank you in advance! Sure if you join using my link, I will be happy to help you with funding and advise

BTCJAM.  My biggest disappointment of 2017. They did very bad for many investors. Good that platform is working, but very many borrowers stop to pay. Amazing to see that even good borrowers stop to pay. Sad.  Loanbase and now BTCJAM. Sad. I will stop to monitor my return there, I count minimum 5BTC loss and have over 52BTC in late and defaulted loans. That is pure example of operational risk of platform. Not borrowers, but platform is biggest reason of loses. One more time sad.


1705 tra
Ohhh, patience is king. I was almost crying in February and got big smile in April. And I was able to make even much more money if I wait longer. Even my Margin trading went from huge negative to 10% profit. Very important to wait and have money to survive when your alts are going low. Not a place for play with your last or borrowed money.

Consolidated return from crypto projects

1705 all
I write off all defaulted loans. So my result in BTC looks bad. Let’s see how I will manage recovery.

P.S. Forex. I started to trade forex. More about this later.  I tested Admiral markets (fiat) and  SimpleFX (trading many forex pairs with deposits/profit/loss in btc). SimpleFX is very interesting and works nice. Especially for traditional forex pairs. My referral link is there. From my experience, if you are new to forex, then find good mentor or good courses. I do not speak about courses from brokers. No. Find good local courses from people who trade themselves.

P.S.S. It could be that I will make break till end of Summer. Altcoin season becoming dangerous. Most of altcoins are pumped, BTC is expensive. For next few month I plan to concentrate more on p2p, forex and summer.

Wish you all nice investments and happy time!


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  1. Nice comeback, but trading and some of the BTC seems to really push your portfolio into the ground. Can you write about your allocations in each type of investment that you have?

    1. No. BTC is one of the best by ROI. I recommend everybody to have at least 1-2% of money in BTC. Simply buy and hold. I do nto like to say about allocation, but I work ~70% of time with BTC investments or crypto projects

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