Portfolio overview January 2017 (#14)

Hello, dear Readers!

Wish you successful and happy 2017 year!

I was busy at the end of year, but found time to make screenshot of my portfolio. Bellow you can see my overview.

Investments in Euro (fiat currencies)


Bondora. Starting this year I will do smaller withdraw from system. I have already withdraw amount bigger than deposited, but at the same time I left on Bondora amount suitable to realize my strategy. This amount is about 20% of my maximum invested.

I do not like to advertise Bondora, but if you like to be mainly passive investor and happy with 8-12% return and if you you like to try Bondora and support my blog, please join Bondora using this link: https://www.bondora.com/ref/Andrej

Omaraha. All is very ok. Still – no work needed.

TWINO. My kids are getting 13,2% (+3%) return on their pocket money. It is fine as does not require any work. My portfolio contains short term loans and all with buyback guarantee.

Investments in BTC and crypto currencies


125x125_staticBTCPOP. Step by step my results are a bit better.  It is very possible that BTCPOP will become my main  btc based p2p platform. Most of loans on BTCPOP are BTC tied. There is strong community which help in screening new borrowers and in elimination of suspicious borrowers. Platform allow fast and productive communication with borrower and got munber of trusted borrowers. n every loan BTCPOP start to show gain/profit from each borrower. That is very helpful when you settle investment amount for new loan.

If you like to try BTCPOP and support my blog, please join platform using this link or pressing on their banner right to this text. Thank you in advance! Sure if you join using my link, I will be happy to help you with funding and advise

Loanbase. As said before, business will be closed.

BTCJAM. No big changes. I have invested not so much per last month, as most of loans are currency tied. I like to avoid loss of BTC on tied loans, therefore getting not many new possibilities to invest. Let’s see how it will be in 2017. I very hope, platform management will find time to say something about own plans, about statistics of platform and future development. Result in USD looks perfect, but that is because price of BTC went up. From now I try to optimize return in BTC.


On start of 2017 price of Bitcoin went to all time high. As result portfolio of my altcoins went down and I got negative numbers. That is especially visible on Polonex, where I still  have big portfolio of DOGE. I try to wait and not sell on low price

I have active position on Margin Trading. But I said myself  – “never more”. My Margin trading is total loss and I am happy that I tried it will less than 2btc and not 10 or 20,

 Consolidated return from crypto projects


In 2015 I lost quite a lot in scryptcc scam. Sad story, but in 2016 I got few big kicks from several people whom I treated as friends. Do not know if they will come back. To lose trust in people is much worse than lose money. I still write off loses from personal loans. After that I hope to enter into “green” zone.

Thank you for reading! All the best in 2017!


7 thoughts on “Portfolio overview January 2017 (#14)”

  1. greathe update. What were your returns on Twino? In addition, I thought you Mintos in your portfolio too?

    1. Return on TWINO is quite stable. Year ago it was ~12.5% now when they introduced loans from Russia it will be ~13%. With TWINO things are very stable. Stable return, no big up but also no down. That is why I not show TWINO in table.

      I almost started on Mintos several times. But no, not started and do not plan to start. I use TWINO and Omaraha as alternative to Mintos. Omaraha with much better return (but hard to exit). Twino for short term loans and relatively simple exit. Both sites require zero attention to manage portfolio.

  2. Hi Andrej, first of all great blogs, thanks for sharing it.
    I want to check with you whether you experienced the same. From last week I have problem to invest via Twino at interest rate 13% and more with terms from 1 month to 24 months and with all regions.

    1. One week is too short time to make conclusions. They post new loans not every day. I propose to wait 1-2 weeks more

  3. Hi,
    no new loans exist anymore for BTCJam, did it happen before? It is maybe a week that I cannot invest because there are no new loans.

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