Portfolio overview: October 2016 (#11)


Update on my investments.

Investments in Euro (fiat currencies)


No big changes. I continue to withdraw. I am doing some buy/sell on secondary market, but competition is big and each week less of less of profitable opportunities.

Omaraha. All is normal. I do not add more money as they do not have any secondary market. But overall I am fine with results. Thsi year Omaraha is planning to issue new investment projects. Next year they plan to get Secondary market.

Next month I will start inform about return from investments of my kids at Twino.

Investments in BTC and crypto currencies



BTCPOP. I invested into few bad loans and ROI went down. Hope will be able to recover in next month.

Loanbase. No big movements, some small loans are repaid, but still most of my money are in few big overdue loans

BTCJAM. No big changes. In general I like how it works.

I had plan to test BitBond. But they introduced a video verification for investors and that have suspended  my start.



I have  holdings in DOGE and DOGE is still not pumped. So, I hope for pump and this may make my results better. I got good results from trading GEO. Now I bought a bit of SC and DGB. Not so sure if that is good, but also have got some FCT and XMR. On Bittrex nice trades were in CANN and GEO. Most of my CANN was waiting to be sold for several month. But GEO was relatively fast buy/sell.

This month I open separate account at Poloniex for learn of Margin trading. It could be that will try one more investment project (arbitrage).

Consolidated return from crypto projects


September was good in new activities, but I did partial write off on few personal loans issued before May. Also, I write off 50% of my investments in SCRT.  It were relatively big amounts and made my ROI significantly lower. But it is better to do partial writeoff, than stay with too optimistic numbers.

Thank you for reading.


One thought on “Portfolio overview: October 2016 (#11)”

  1. Hey Andrej! I tried to post the same thing under another post of yours, but for some reason it did not go through, so I’m trying here.
    I follow your posts a lot and find them very useful, as I have started investing in p2p a year ago, and am now increasing my portfolio and trying out new platforms. One of the new platforms I have tried using is Omaraha, but I find it difficult to find useful data in order to calculate the probabilities of recovery for overdue and default loans. For Bondora I am using 50% probabilitie of recovery for overdue and 20% for default. Do you have an advice for Omaraha here?

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