Portfolio overview: September 2016 (#10)


Summer is over and I renew an overview of my investments.

Investments in Euro (fiat currencies)

16 09 fiat

Bondora. No big changes. I did small mistake and sold 1KEur of my best loans for 0% premium. This month I will have withdraw more than deposited. Bondora is trying to explain how they write off recovery costs. It looks, that they divide all costs between all overdue loans. I had a substrategy to invest into ‘self-recovery’ loans (bad payers, but always paying without any collection). Now I am getting additional costs on such loans and getting lower return. Overall, I invite all who is interested to get more knowledge about investing at Bondora  to join Fellows group at facebook.

Omaraha. All is normal. I do not add more money as they do not have any secondary market. But overall I am fine with results.

This month my kids plan to invest own “savings”. Before it was done at Bondora. Now this will be done at Twino.

Investments in BTC and crypto currencies

16 09 btc



BTCPOP. Currently BTCPOP is the best place for me to get personal loan. Instead of “thank you” to the platform and investors, I spend a bit more time there.  I got  good improvement in my profitability on this site. BTCPOP getting many fixes and becoming more and more stable. At the same time, more investors are joining. Now it is easier and faster to get bigger loan at POP. Also, it may be fastest place at the moment to place your  request for a personal loan.

If you invest there, you need to be very careful. Probably start with small investments into many loans. With help of community, it is possible to find good loans, invest into credit risk free pool or into bond. I promise to write an special article, if next month result of my investments at POP will become positive.

Loanbase. No big movements, still most of money in few big overdue loans

BTCJAM. JAM start to get more of new loans, and I can  reinvest all repaid money. Waiting a bit more loan, but overall all is ok.

I plan to test BitBond. They announced work with international recovery company. This made me interested. Most probably I will try to use an autoinvest there.


16 09 trading

I got nice profit from ETC and DOGE. But after that, I repurchased DOGE with my all free money, bought some ETC and SC. Finally, I cannot do almost anything now, just waiting for pump on DOGE to release some money for daily trading. Quite sure it will come within next few weeks.

Lesson learned – newer invest too much into one currency.

I am very happy that trading got not all my money.

Lesson learned – trading may be very profitable one month and much less profitable next month.

Lesson learned – always have an reserve to survive bad times.

Consolidated return from crypto projects

16 09 all

Price of BTC went down, and my return in Euro dropped. What is more sad – I started to do write-off on few huge personal loans. This is why total result of my activity with BTC went down by 2%. Do not like to write off all amount at once – my result may look extremely bad. Also, I still have an hope that my friends will be able to repay at least part of money.

Lesson learned – never go to far with individuals. If successful individual fail, nobody will have enough money or wish to support him in bad time.

That how all looks at the end of Summer. Wish you nice investments over next month and see you soon!

PS. Instead of fairy tail. A nice story this month was Monero. Example of real return. Some guys were able to buy last August Monero for 0.46$ and sell this August at 10.46$. A nice example what is possible to do on immature market. And what is nice – I know minimum one person who got such profit 🙂

Wish all of us to see such return from OUR investments! 🙂


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