Portfolio overview: July 2016 (#8)


Two good things: my trading start to generate me small profit. Too early to speak about success, but at least my terrible ROI is moving close to zero. And, second, I lowered number of platforms I work with, so, I hope to get better result on main places.

EURO investments

Platform XIRR Change from Prev Month Risk Adjusted XIRR Change from Prev Month
Bondora 22. % +0.2 % 10.5% +0.9 %
in that, Bondora “Safe Portfolio” 26.4 % -0.9% 16.5 % +2.2%
Omaraha 20.3 % +0.3% 17.6% +0,6 %
FellowFinance removed portfolio
TWINO 13,8% +0.1% 13.8% +0.1%

* XIRR – Return of investments calculated by me, not by platform. Deposited, but not invested money makes negative impact to XIRR
** Risk Adjusted XIRR – XIRR after write off part of overdue and defaulted loan

COMMENTS on Euro based investments

Bondora.  I continue my exit strategy and do not invest on primary market. I do buy/sell on secondary market, but noticed that there are bots working, therefore there is no much space at SM to get profit.

Omaraha.  All stable and as expected. I am still happy.

FellowFinance.  I removed my investment as return is lower than in other places

Twino.  I am closing my investments at TWINO. That is planned step, nothing bad about their return. Investors must be ready that exit from TWINO is not so fast anymore. I posted my loans to sell about 1.5 month ago and still part of it (20%) is not sold.

Investments in crypro currencies and projects

My return:

Platform XIRR (BTC) Risk Adjusted XIRR (BTC) Change from Prev Month XIRR
in Euro
BTCPOP 3% -16% +++
Loanbase -62% -62% -14% -3%(+44%)
BTCJAM -5% -5% +74.7% (+6.6%)
“Safe portfolio” at BTCJAM +6.9% -8.1% +57%(-1.1%)
NXT coins and Assets  —
SCRT coins +10% -25 % +4%

*** XIRR in Euro – XIRR when deposits counted in Euro and price of BTC_today =[CurrentBTCPrice+ AveragePriceWhatIBoughtBTC]/2

Risk Adjusted XIRR in BTC Risk Adjusted XIRR
in Euro
 Used BTC Price
TOTAL INVESTMENTS into crypto projects -24 %(+4%)


+92%(+49%)  670$*0.95 (5% discount)


BTCPOP: BTCPOP have changed ownership and new owner(Casimir) is doing serious review of code. We need more time to see how BTCPOP will change, but what is positive – Casimir have solved all problems with withdraw. I am investing  much less at the moment. Main reason – I need time for trading.

BTCJAM. All is quite ok. I am investing a bit less. Same reason – I need time and money for trading.

Loanbase.  No good news during June. Non of overdue have repaid and both are silent.

NXT and NXT Assets. Sold all my NXT on last rise in price.

SCRT coin. No news from project, but developers are promising news in short term. I hold my SCRT.

That is shortly how it goes. Big rise in price of BTC made my ROI in Euro crazy high. Hope it will stay over 50% after BTC price will stabilize.

Thank you for reading!


10 thoughts on “Portfolio overview: July 2016 (#8)”

  1. Are you investing in any other assets
    Real Estate
    Gold and Silver ?

    It would be interesting to know
    What percentage of your wealth are you investing in each asset?

    1. No. I have very small amount in investment funds, but do not invest in stock, real estate, gold/silver. I think it is hard to get stable 12+% return from that. May be I will try to trade gold/silver, but not sure. At the moment my traders skills are not allowing this.

    1. Crypto currencies, trading in crypto, crypto p2p. I plan to test FinBee. My Twino was short term project

  2. Hi,
    What is your problem with twino it seems simple and 10- 12% it’s satisfying or not ?

    1. No problems with Twino. Only exit from Twino is more difficult now – their secondary market is not so good as few month ago. It is possible to get there ~12-13% ROI. Twino was my platform for short term investment. I target to get 15+% ROI from my Euro investments.

      I do not see any difference between countries. I simply recommend do not invest in loans with interest below 12%. That is also hard to sell.

        1. I was checking Czech p2p about a year ago. Return was below 15% and I decided that other places are more profitable

  3. Hi Anders,

    I am reading your blog for many months now. I have one question regarding Twino, did you also experience as much delayed loans? I regularly s ee the percentage above 15%:


    What Auto Invest settings do you recommend, maybe that would change that. Currently I have 1-2 months from all countries selected.

    Many thanks for info.

    Best regards,


    1. Yes, there are quite many delayed payments. If you plan do stay longer with Twino, then I do not see anything bad in such loans. But if you invest for short term and may require money in less than 1 month, then delayed loans are defenitely becoming an issue. After last changes, it is almost impossible to sell delayed loans as well as sell loans below 10Eur.

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