Portfolio Overview: May 2016 (#6)

Hello! No, this is not a post from new happy trader:) Trading did me huge loses at the moment(over 25%), and who knows, when my sh&tcoins will come back to their price which was few weeks ago. Later about that, now I need to wait and be patient.

How my investments are going – let’s start with Euro.

EURO investments

Platform XIRR Change from Prev Month Risk Adjusted XIRR Change from Prev Month
Bondora 23.1 % -0.15 % 6.6 % -0.3 %
in that, Bondora “Safe Portfolio” 27,6 % -0% 14.3 % -1,82%
Omaraha 20 % 0% 16.5% +0,4 %
FellowFinance removed portfolio
TWINO 13,4% +0.5% 13.4% +0.5%

* XIRR – Return of investments calculated by me, not by platform. Deposited, but not invested money makes negative impact to XIRR
** Risk Adjusted XIRR – XIRR after write off part of overdue and defaulted loan

COMMENTS on Euro based investments

Bondora. Today is weekend therefore some payments not arrived and made small decrease in return. Decrease in ROI on  “safe” portfolio is much worst indicator. I continue to lower my portfolio (reasons described in several previous posts, nothing seriously changed). In between, I do some small buy/sell on secondary market.

Omaraha.  All stable and as expected. I am still happy.

FellowFinance.  I removed my investments

Twino.  This month was quite stable. I still have small portfolio at Twino, but plan to lower it at the and of May.

Still I had no time to test Mintos. Still plan that. In April, Lithuanian Tax office have published comments about taxation of income from Lithuanian p2p platforms. Situation becoming more clear, and I am thinking to test one or two Lithuanian platforms.

Investments in crypro currencies and projects

My return:

Platform XIRR Risk Adjusted XIRR Change from Prev Month XIRR
in Euro
BTCPOP -27% huge minus huge minus
Loanbase 4% 4% -37% 1%
BTCJAM 1.6 % -2.4% +58,8% (+8%)
“Safe portfolio” at BTCJAM +18% -2% +46.1%(-0.1%)
NXT coins and Assets  —
SCRT coins +130% 33 %  -11%

*** XIRR in Euro – XIRR when deposits counted in Euro and price of BTC_today =[CurrentBTCPrice+ AveragePriceWhatIBoughtBTC]/2

Risk Adjusted XIRR in BTC Risk Adjusted XIRR
in Euro
 Used BTC Price
TOTAL INVESTMENTS into crypto projects -32 %(-4%)


+13%(7%)  450$*0.95 (5% discount)


BTCPOP: It is not good, as I got several big defaults. I am waiting payment of insurance. Also hope to see, that BTCPOP collection is doing something. I am counting that paid insurance may return my return to small positive number. Nice community,  improvements in user interface, but be very careful.

BTCJAM. I was waiting much worst results, but, opposite, JAM was not so bad. They start to issue more loans, a lot looks of new loans looks risky, but some are not so bad. I do not have enough of “qualified” loans to invest my all returning money, but situation is a bit better than it was at the beginning of month. This month JAM have purchased some defaulted loans (repaid to investors whole principal and accrued interest). Also JAM found new arbitrage partner. I am missing good USA borrowers and was thinking that they will switch to Loanbase after JAM banned them. But…

Loanbase.  No, not a lot of “jammers” on Loanbase. Loanbase is almost empty. 1-2 active listings only. Something very very sad. So nice and rich in features platform, and no listings. My result drop as I got late on one big loan.  I did 80% write off of this loan.

NXT and NXT Assets. I decided move out from NXT assets.

SCRT coin. As all altcoins SCRT had big dump from 2100 to 1500sat, restored to price level about 1800sat. Not a lot of activities, but developers are active. They told that work on exchange, API and games is moving forward.

Thank you for your comments and wish you nice results!

p.s. Good news. BTCPOP did insurance payment for some loans. Hope my result next month will be much better!


2 thoughts on “Portfolio Overview: May 2016 (#6)”

  1. Enjoyed reading your article. Regarding loan based BTC solutions. How about “Bitbond”.

    1. I was writing about 2 month ago that I like Botbond a and was willing to use their Autoinvest option. But after investigations, I am not sure that this will produce good enough ROI (I target APR over 20%)

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