Fast, cheap, good – where to invest, version 1, part 2 (table)

Note 2016-02-25: Twino have lowered interest. Today I have updated table in my post

In previous post I told about 3 main criteria (available time, money, appetite for profit) to select platform for investment. I have mentioned need of diversification as well.  Now I will try to compare how platforms qualify needs of different investors.

Before doing that, I need to note that my aim is to get yearly return bigger than 12%. Therefore I am not so much familiar with number of “old classic” –  big old platforms (Zopa, Ratesetter, etc). Also I am Europe based, therefore I have not used “old classical” US based platforms. Such platforms may be nice and will bring lower risk, but they do not fulfill my target for profit. As result, I have almost no experience with them.
Coming back to my main criteria  I am getting the following picture

You need to have in mind risk of every platform. This is why your investments should be diversified on several platforms. Risk of platform is a separate topic, I do not like to start speaking about all types of risk there.

Welcome with your opinions questions and suggestions. Thank you in advance!

p.s. If after reading this post you like to try some of mentioned platforms, I will be very glad if you will try them using the following referral links:





Than may give me some small bonus (not always) and will show me how many readers were used my advise. Thank you!


3 thoughts on “Fast, cheap, good – where to invest, version 1, part 2 (table)”

  1. // , I like your systematic breakdown of these platforms, and I wish Bitcoin had more thinkers like you among those who are trying to work with cryptocurrency users’ fledgling credit infrastructure.

  2. // , I notice, however, that there are two columns missing on your table of platform criteria: Risk, and Target Risk

    How do you assess the stability of these platforms themselves, above and beyond their users’ default rates?

    1. Risk and Target Risk of my investments? Maybe you mean my accepted risk? When I think about accepted credit risk (risk of borrower) I accept risk that allow me to get 15% and bigger risk adjusted return. Operational risk of almost every platform is big, but I try to solve this by diversification. Also I am very skeptical about new SMALL platforms (mainly do not invest there). Another thing, I probably will not invest on Twino (return below 13%), but it is fully automated platform and organization behind Twino is relatively huge. I was only withdrawing money form Bondora last 2 y, but now stop to do it, as Bondora claim profitable work

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