Portfolio Overview: December 2015 (1)

I plan to publish regular periodic overview of return on my portfolio.

Counting investments we have good and bad days and we have real and pseudo heroes. I see today as black day and you may note example of “pseudo good” investor. Such guy must be simply removed from your “following” lists 🙂 That’s me 

My return:

EURO investments

Platform XIRR Change from Prev Month Risk Adjusted XIRR Change from Prev Month
Bondora 22,8 % -3,0 % 6,1 % -0,7 %
in that, Bondora “Safe Portfolio” 27,3 % n/a 17,8 % n/a
Omaraha 19,2 % n/a 16,1 % +0,1 %
FellowFinance 32,1 % n/a 32,1 % n/a

* XIRR – Return of investments calculated by me, not by platform. Deposited, but not invested money makes negative impact to XIRR
** Risk Adjusted XIRR – XIRR after write off part of overdue and defaulted loans

COMMENTS on Euro based investments

Bondora  continue to stay my biggest p2p investment platform. Result of my investments changed from negative (at the beginning of this year) to positive. I am lowering my portfolio at Bondora as I am not sure about impact of future changes on my ability to get better result. I am not sure about their future plans. I do not feel that they treat investors in equal, transparent and, very important, in consistent way.

Bondora show my net return over 28%. I calculate my risk adjusted return as 6%. However, you may see that risk adjusted return from “Safe Portfolio” is over 17% (34% by Bondora). “Safe Portfolio” is investment of my colleague, who was using my recommendations and was investing in specific subset of loans (mainly Estonian loans).

I did post about my experience at Omaraha quite recently (there)

I just started at Fellow Finance who is p2p lending platform from Finland. I have very small portfolio and use very specific strategy. Too early to say about long term result, but counting my current ROI I plan to add more money there. (If you are interested to get referral link to Fellow Finance, please let me know via comments. p.s. I will not publish your personal information)

Investments in crypro currencies and projects

Platform XIRR Risk Adjusted XIRR Change from Prev Month XIRR
in Euro
BTCPOP 24.9 % -57.1 % -19.8 %
Loanbase -97.0 % -97.0 %  -87.97%
BTCJAM -10.3 % -12.9 % 11.0 %
“Safe portfolio” at BTCJAM 19.0 % 32.4 %
Secureae(NXT) 33.8 % -75.7 %
SCRT coins  15178.5 % 349.3 %

*** XIRR in Euro – XIRR when deposits counted in Euro and price of BTC today =[CurrentBTCPrice+ AveragePriceWhatIBoughtBTC]/2

Risk Adjusted XIRR in BTC Risk Adjusted XIRR
in Euro
 Used BTC Price
TOTAL INVESTMENTS into crypto projects -55.8 %  17.8 %  350$*0.95 (5% discount)


Let’s start from the last table with overall results. Result in Euro is positive, but negative return in BTC (-55%) is telling -“this guy is a bad investor. He is simply lucky that price of BTC went up so much” And that is probably truth. Since my start (March 2015) in BTC businesses, I lost 2digit amounts in Scryptcc. I lost 2digit amount doing personal loan to one borrower. I am not very happy from my results in p2p platforms. The only hope, that this expensive story of bad decisions will allow me to avoid new mistakes.

Now about investments in particular projects.

I did post about my experience at BTCPOP few days ago (there). Not many changes. I got 15BTC loan at BTCPOP few days ago. This is main reason why my XIRR went down – borrowed but not used yet money are making negative return. Since last week I fund less risky loans and I fund less of currency-tied loans. I hope to get some insurance payments in December and hope  to show you better result next month.

Loanbase. I have just 1BTC portfolio at Loanbase. At the very beginning I did  0.25BTC investment to very bad guy. Also tied loans give me negative profit. Bad result is pure mine mistake. Result is becoming better each month. I hope in next few month it will turn into positive. Loanbase announced collection services, so, I will add 1-2 BTC to continue test of that platform.

BTCJAM is my main BTC based p2p lending platform. Before rapid increase of BTC price in November I was very happy with my results. Now I found that I am almost loosing and main loses are on currency-tied loans. From now I am trying to do less risky strategy and I try to avoid most of tied loans. Based on my recommendations my wife invest at BTCJAM into what I name “Safe portfolio”. Her results are much better compare with mine and her strategy is something I plan to use. Result of my NAR and NAR of my wife below

2015 12 02  BTCJAM RESULT

Securetae described there. I hope that return in Euro will do much much better with grow of NXT (when price of BTC stabilize or will go down).

Last, but definitely not least – SecretCoins (SCRT). Something what made me really happy and I think will make me even more happy. I bought first SCRT at 40-80-120SAT. Now price of coin is 1500SAT (with low around 1300 and high around 2250SAT). I think that fair price of SCRT is over 5000SAT. Project is growing, there are plans to launch coin at BITTREX and/or Poloniex, coin is included in traders reviews. I know that there will not be 30x time grow, but I hope to see 2x-3x time grow of SCRT price in future.  I feel it is safe to invest up to 1-2BTC into this promising coin.

That is short overview of my portfolio at the beginning of December. I will be glad to see your votes, comments or a questions. If you are interested to get notifications about new posts, please subscribe to my newsletter. Both actions will motivate me to continue that work.

Thank you for reading and wish you nice Winter and good investments!


7 thoughts on “Portfolio Overview: December 2015 (1)”

  1. ders, I think this is just the beginning of a good way. Thank God, the project BTCJAM fighters gradually changing its policy for the better. Good thing there are fewer bad loans. But I still believe that a good result could affect the creditworthiness of the countries of the former USSR. Unfortunately, in the former Soviet Union is still poorly developed system of P2P lending. But I think where a few years, these countries will still use the online loans. And then I hope everything will be fine. I’ll always wish you best of luck in everything !!!
    ders, думаю это только начало хорошего пути. слава богу, проект BTCJAM постепенно меняет свою политику в лучшую сторону. Хорошо, что все меньше появляется проблемных кредитов. Но я все равно считаю, что на хороший результат может повлиять кредитоспособность стран бывшего СССР. К сожалению, в бывших странах СССР пока еще плохо развита система П2П-кредитования. Но думаю, где то через несколько лет, эти страны все равно будут пользоваться онлайн-кредитами. И тогда надеюсь все будет хорошо.
    Я всегда буду желать вам только удачи во всем!!!

    1. Thank you! It is hard to speak about former USSR and bad p2p. Estonia is one of the best in Europe. Latvia have 2 p2p sites, Lithuania 3, Georgia have too. Even in Russia there are few p2p lending companies. Не могу согласиться, что в странах бывшего СССР нет п2п кредитования. Эстония имеет одину из найболее развитых в Европе площадок плюс еще несколько платформ, в Латвии – 2 платформы, в Литве -3, Грузия – я знаю одну. Россия минимум 2 известные мне платформы.

  2. Hi, can you share some info about Fellow Finance, seems to be a fresh site, do they have a secondary market, how many short term loans are there and is there enough loan supply ?

    1. Hi Henri. No they are not very new. They were allowing to invest only citizens of Finland for some time. Now they still do not speak loudly about investors from outside Finland, but investing is possible. They add you manually to the site, when you contact them, and most of interface is translated to English. There is Secondary market, there is buyback of overdue loans. I plan to write post about them and now sending you mail with referral link.

  3. I use BTCjam and invest quite frequently, can you explain the differences between your plan and your wifes safety plan? I’d like to have a good idea of what she is doing well here. Thanks!

    1. Hi Chuck, nice to see you! There are several “secrets” and I cannot tell all 🙂 Two things – she invest much less into new borrowers and she NEVER invested more than 1.5 x average_investment into one loan. NEVER. I invested quite many times more than 1BTC into borrowers that “assumed” be good, well known and trusted. She do “mechanical” investments, she do not read btcjam forums and do not like who is “trusted”. One more thing, my wife invest since August. Her portfolio is much younger. I assume some drop in her return, but hope it will be not huge p.s. One more difference. she had smaller portfolio, she was not pressed to employ money fast. I took bigger risk as I had bigger amount to invest

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