Return from Secureae (NXT)

Some time ago I tested trading with altcoins. I understood that this is not mine. It is specific area that requires concentration, patience and specific knowledge. But since that times, I have two coins where I continue to invest more. That is SCRT (very cheap today, I think fair price will be over 5000SAT) and NXT(again very cheap today).

Most of altcoins are losing in price, when price of BTC skyrockets. You can buy some of them hoping to get good profit when price of BTC will stabilize or will go down. But speculation on price was not the main reason why I still have NXT. With NXT I have possibility to invest into assets (shares) and make money when price of assets grow and when asset holder pay dividends. I do that investments at Secureae platform.

I am not very active trader. Usually, I connect there 2-3 times per week and spend 10-20 minutes checking performance of my main assets. Also I try to check if there is any new interesting assets. My main target are assets that pay good dividends. I will not name any specific asset, as I worry about possible risk, if any of my readers will take that as recommendation.

20151130 SAE

Interface is very simple. In Area A you can search for assets. You can see graph with price&volumes and often in description you can find link to discussion about asset.

You can send your NXT to your address at Secureae, or you can deposit your BTC (Area B) and platform will change it to NTX (I always was using that option, it takes 6-9 confirmations).

Area C used to place sell/purchase orders.
20151130 SAE 2

To see your dividends, you go to list of transactions. Dividends may be paid as NXT coins or as additional assets(shares), that you can sell.

Finally about my return. I did most of my investments when price of NXT was 3600-4000SAT. Now price is so low as 1700-1900SAT. That makes my final result negative. But, counting XIRR in NXT  – my return is 34.37%. I feel is not so bad. Having in mind how cheap are altcoins today and potential increase in price, I feel that NXT and Secureae are not bad place to invest.

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